Time to Winterize Your Home


Do this before winter.


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Organize and Save Your Food for the Future and your Health

I was looking at a number of postings about getting organized for a move. I have posted on this topic in the past. It is funny to me how different ideas piggy back or morph into other topics, similar but different. This a an organizing topic that is one of those. This is organizing for a healthier lifestyle, enjoying a new hobby, getting back to your roots, storing for the move or however you want to look at it type topic. Anyway, I found this video fascinating and have already ordered her first of three books. I also now subscribe to her blog. One of these days when I retire, I hope to have a little farm, a little garden and a cellar full of canned goods. Perhaps if I learn to can now, it will come easier later.  Who knows, I may turn my canning efforts into home-made closing gifts for my clients as a special thank you for selecting me to represent them.

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Creativity Part Three

Here is the third and final video in the Salvaging Creativity series I have been sharing each Saturday. I hope it inspires you do to more in your community to promote beauty and community pride.


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Creativity Part Two

Carrying on from last week’s post, here is the second of three installments of the Salvaging Creativity videos. By the way, if you aren’t on the mailing list for my magazine which is published every other month and you would like to see one, email your name and mailing address to me at susan.carroll@bhhsgeorgiaproperties.com and I will happily add you to my list of recipients.


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Creativity Part One

I decided to digress from my normal Blog discussing a moving topic and talk about creativity a bit. It always amazes me when I take buyer-clients into completely empty houses and they stand and decorate it in their minds. Of course this is what every Realtor wants. We want you see your belongings in the house; see you turn the empty space into your Home. If we don’t see that happening, it means the house is just a house and we will have to go on to see the next one. It takes a certain amount of creativity to fill an empty house in your mind. I struggle with it sometimes. As a result, I find I admire truly creative people, so when I saw this video, it inspired me to do better at “seeing” beautiful things around me where before they would go unnoticed. I hope you enjoy it as I did.


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Be eco- and budget-friendly. Make your own cleaning supplies.

pexels-photo-66346  Whether you’re looking for greener ways to clean your home or you just want to save money at the store, there are simple household cleaning products you can make on your own. Use the recipes, tips and precautions below to help you get started.  Read more….

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Landscape for Security

pexels-photo-69428    In 2014, just over 1.7 million individuals fell victim to burglary according to the FBI. Sometimes deadbolts and alarm systems just aren’t enough to deter thieves. But there are outdoor security measures you can take to prevent property loss at the hands of a burglar. Here are 10 ways you can help protect your home with a well-planned landscape design:  Read more….

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Fixer-upper or Move-in Ready?

Shows like HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” have popularized the idea of buying and renovating the worst house on the best block. Homes that need major remodeling, however, aren’t for everyone. Sometimes a move-in ready house is a better option. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned investor, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of each. Read more……..

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Moving Art Pieces

I like art. I have a lot of it – more art than I have walls at the moment. I still have art pieces sitting around waiting for me to hang them. I noticed that my tastes have changed over the years and so I have a lot of art that I may never hang up again. The last time I moved, I used professional movers and they carefully wrapped each art piece and transported it to my new home where I carefully unwrapped each piece and leaned it against the wall in my “library” which is just an extra room full of books and art leaning against the wall.

I have hung a few pieces around the house, but I’ve only hung one or two pieces of art per room instead of a montage of pictures on each wall. I always imagined a wild collection of art up and down the staircases, running along hallways and hanging high above one’s head in a grand entryway. I have none of that. Instead, I have a lot of art pieces leaning against the walls in my extra bedroom. Hmmm.

One of these days I plan to move again. When I do, I plan to take all of my art with me and perhaps the new home will host the wild collections of art I have accumulated. I certainly hope so. I don’t expect to have an extra bedroom just for art and book storage. My next extra bedroom will be for guests. I like them too.

Art comes in many forms. I mostly have paintings – oils on canvass, prints, paintings on glass, and a myriad of others. I also have statuettes and statues, a whole bunch of ceramic Indians my Mom made, and a collection of Chickens. Oh! And don’t forget the Bosson Heads, Painted Plates, and Butterfly collections.

Most of the above can be packed just like you would your fine china. Lots of paper and the right sized boxes – meaning they are not so big items on the bottom will get crushed by items on the top. The paintings though, especially those which were painted on the glass instead of a canvass, must be packaged up much more carefully.

If they are framed with glass, you want to make sure that glass does not break and if they are simple canvas pieces, you want to make sure the painting is not torn or pierced.

Start by collecting boxes that will fit them comfortably and securely and use bubble wrap, newspapers and other packing materials to ensure they are protected during the move. I have found mirror boxes work well for art pieces. If your painting/picture is covered with glass, put a X on the glass with masking tape. For some reason this gives the glass strength and should it crack in transit, it will hold it in place and hopefully protect the painting from cuts. Then cover the glass with a piece of thick cardboard. This could be part of a box that you are not using. The cardboard should be large enough to cover the glass, but not bigger than the entire painting. You can use carpet padding and even towels if you do not have any cardboard. The purpose is to reduce the amount of static cling that can develop between the bubble wrap and the painting.

If they have exposed canvass, don’t place wadded paper directly on the painting as it may put “dents” in it. Put cardboard cut to fit inside the frame against the painting before wrapping the whole thing in bubble wrap.

You should consider protecting corners by cutting cardboard and fitting it over each corner and then securing it with tape. If you use enough bubble wrap, this step may not be needed, but definitely consider it for art pieces in which the paint has been applied directly to the glass. A crack in this glass and the painting is ruined. Obviously, it cannot just be fixed with a new piece of glass.

Use LOTS of BUBBLE WRAP. It is a wonderful invention. And keep the kids from busting the bubbles until after the move – bubble wrap works better to protect your art when it is full of air! Place your art pieces in boxes designed for that purpose. Most packaging stores sell boxes of all types and sizes. Use extra peanuts and/or paper to keep your art pieces from “rocking” inside the box. They should fit securely. Seal up the box an mark it as FRAGILE so anyone moving it knows it can’t be tossed around.

Picture or mirror boxes containing artwork should be placed in the upright position and never be laid flat during shipping.

At the other end, carefully remove all packaging. Box cutters are not a good idea, but if you have to cuts the packaging loose, make sure you keep in mind what it protects. It would be shame to carefully pack, move and unpack Uncle Art’s portrait only to cut a gash across his canvass!

One more tip! Consider hiring experts if you have high value pieces or a lot of paintings in your art collection. Professional movers who specialize in art have wooden crates and other special materials to protect your paintings. And make sure it is a company that will let you insure your artwork for its full value.

Well, there you go. The art has been securely packed, moved and unpacked. Now, hopefully, you will take the time to find a place and hang it where others can enjoy it as well. That’s my plan…….eventually.

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School is almost out – time to move?

My Pinterest ScrrenshotWow! Time flies when you are having fun, doesn’t it? Can you believe school is almost out? And it seems you just started talking about moving when school let out. No, wait. That was last December. Where did this year go already! Now you have less than three months to find a new home near the new school you want your kids to go to, put your home up for sale or notify your landlord you don’t intend to renew the lease for another year, get a loan approved, buy a home and get moved. Overwhelming? It certainly can be.

I am a list person. I make lists so I remember things and they help me get organized. Well, I suggest you sit down right now and make a list of things you need to do right away!

First, find an Realtor who works in the area you want to move. Need help? Give me a call and I can help you find one. Unless you are moving to MY area of course, in which giving me a call will find you talking to your Realtor. Next, start the loan process. Your Realtor can help with this. We all work with various lenders depending on what type of loan you want or need. We try to match you up with loan officers we know and have established a good track record of taking care of our clients. You may not know this, but Realtors, when they are representing you as their clients, really try to get you the most house for the least amount of money in the shortest period of time. At least I do…

Next on your list? Start cleaning house. You can find all kinds of helpful articles on the Internet. To make it easier for you, just follow me on Pinterest. I have tagged a lot of good articles covering everything from tips to moving, to moving with pets and kids (does an “and” really go in that sentence? My pet is my kid!) But I digress.  What you don’t want to do is pack and move stuff you don’t want to keep. I used to do that. Back when the Army was paying for my moves. I was always under my weight limit, so I had the luxury of being lazy – foolishly. I always wished I had held a yard sale or given half the stuff away when I found myself unpacking things at the other end. “Why did I keep this?” I would ask myself as I was putting that large ricemaker away. A year or so later when I was unpacking after the next move – there it was again. I don’t favor steamed rice and had never used it in 2-3 years! Guess what? When I had to move it at my own expense, it finally found a new home. So what am I trying to tell you? Don’t be as foolish as I was – get organized and get rid of stuff you don’t need in your new home.

This blog is short. Just really wanted to touch based and give you the link to my Pinterest boards where I have already done some research for you and found great tips for getting ready for the move and moving. Why not take a look at them?

And since you are going to need a Realtor, give me a call at 404-903-7653. If you are coming to my area in Henry or Clayton County, GA I’ll help you myself. If not, call me anyway and I will find you a good agent wherever you are moving……

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