The Move: Fantasy or Reality?

The worst mistake we can make is putting too much time, effort, and money into something that does not pan out. We all know this, yet allow ourselves to dream too big for our house shoes. So this is why the first question we must ask ourselves when looking to buy, sell, and move, is the question, “Why am I doing this?” “What is my motivation?”

If there is no drive, purpose, or motivation, there is no cause and no effect. If there is no reason to move, there will not be a move.

So now you are thinking, “Okay Susan. I’ve got it. How do I know?”

Well I am glad you asked!

Check everything. Go over everything to make sure this is really what you need to do. A home is an investment, not just a pack of gum.

See what you say to the following questions.

Do we need more space?

Is my commute too long?

Is this home fulfilling our needs?

Our wants?

Can we fix or update something to make our home more enjoyable?

Do we want our kids in a better school system?

Are we too far away from the rest of our family?

Is this area safe and suitable to our desires?

Some other thoughts are addressed by Maria Patterson in her article, “To Sell or Not to Sell? 5 Signs it’s Time to List Your Home.”

The next step is to ask, “Should I sell my home or rent it if I decide to buy another one?”

Are you financially stable enough to maintain both houses until your first home creates a profit?

Is your current home paid off and can create a profit immediately?

Do I have the time and energy to be a landlord?

Do I have the money to hire a landlord for the property?

Now I definitely know what you are thinking.

“Susan. Stop with the questions!”

Do not worry! I know this is a lot to think about and process, but every aspect has to be thought about and an honest answer needs to be provided in order for you to be successful in selling your home, renting it out, or buying a new one.

This blog post was co-authored by Christy Bonner.

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