Oh No! Honey, We Left the Kids!

A move is never simple, but it can be a lot easier if we only have to think about me, myself, and I. Typically though, we move for many more reasons than just ourselves and we have to take into consideration every person in our lives that the Move will influence.

So. Do you have children? Will they be transferring schools? Separated from lifelong friends?

Does a parent or in-law live with you? What will change for them? What will they have to leave behind or get a fresh start in?

It is more than just the location of your home that changes. Even the simplicity of your home’s layout can change your family dynamics.

Is/was/will your house be one story when it was two stories? Or vice versa?

This can create a closer or more strained relationship depending on your family dynamics.

Will the Move result in your moving without someone? Or is someone moving without you? Are you moving out for the first time or is your child? Have you had a roommate since college and now it is time to be completely independent?

Or are you creating a new family and adding to your home’s need for space? Could it be you and your new spouse looking for your first home? Or are you having twins you weren’t prepared for in terms of space?

Now that your life is in transition what can and can’t you live without when it comes to location, services, education, etc. for you AND those the Move is impacting?

Thinking of everyone you are going to be moving with or leaving behind, how can we ease the transition? Does everyone need time to process the Move? Or does everyone want it to occur immediately?

This blog post was co-authored by Christy Bonner.

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