The Move with my Fur Baby.

We love our animals! Dogs, cats, gerbils, hamsters, fish, horses,  even our lobsters.
Lobsters? Pets? Just kidding.
But seriously! Pets are family and we know you are going to take them with you, so how can you best cater to their needs in the midst of chaos? You cannot communicate with them what is going on like your children, so how can you keep them comfortable and give them security in the fact that you are not leaving them behind?

  1. Treat them the exact same. You do not want to baby them and create them to be needy in your new home, but just like a child you want to create emotional stability in the change of living spaces.
  2. Make sure they still have their sleeping arrangements set and that does not change until the actual move occurs. Too much change, especially with their sleeping habits will not create a swift transition.
  3. Take them to the new house! Let them get acquainted with the sounds, smells, and every new room, or part of the yard. Do not rush their “inspection” and allow them to smell everything for how ever long they need too. Smelling is a primary sense for them and it is required for them to get to know their new home.
  4. For yourself: Make sure you receive all your pets’ health information if you will be needing to acquire a new veterinary office.
  5. Do not feed your pet for a few hours before you leave on the moving day. The fact is your pet will be nervous and you do not want them getting sick and creating to your stress as you are traveling and moving into your new home.
  6. Be prepared with your fur baby’s favorite things to make the Move more enjoyable for them.
  7. If at all possible, for your convenience and your pet’s comfort try and not have them at your new home while moving. The constant moving, the multiple people, chaos everywhere, will not put your pet at ease, and will cause stress on you while you are moving items and constantly going in and outside. The last thing you want is your pet to be hurt while you are moving in large furniture or to slip out into an unknown neighborhood and for them to get scared and lost.

Please share with me your Move with Fur Babies experiences so we can better new First time mover’s experiences!

This blog post was co-authored by Christy Bonner.

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