DIY Fall Wreath

diy fall wreath

Fall has arrived! If you haven’t already decorated for it, then you better hurry before all of your friends and family come over for Thanksgiving. We all know how fast the time flies by. There are so many creative home makers out there… and guess what?? Now you can be one of them!

The original article on this specific wreath was created by Kenarry Ideas for the Home-How to Make a Burlap Wreath with Accent Ribbon.

We all know that burlap is in style, but you can use any two of your favorite ribbons with any material for this fun decorative craft. This wreath is so easy to do, it takes no expertise in using any cloth or tools, so there is no reason to feel insecure in your creative capabilities, and a perfectionist can create it to be however they would like it to be. This is a fun, easy, and simple wreath that will be admired by all!

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