Making Henry our Home


Henry County is a beautiful, economically thriving, community oriented place that is centered around its residents. It is less than 40 miles south of Atlanta and the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, giving it a good foundation of public transportation availability, nice restaurants, inside and outside shopping malls, and plenty of entertainment venues. The homes here are beautiful and the community is close-knit, having fall festivals, Christmas light events, running events, festivals, parades, concerts, holiday services etc. hosted at the Atlanta Motor Speedway just out of the historical small city of Hampton and on the McDonough Square throughout the year. Henry County even contains Lake Spivey; a beautifully scenic lake community. Being apart of the old Confederacy, Georgia including Henry county has many historical sites including Nash Farm, the The original 1830’s Courthouse, 1920’s Welcome Center, renovated Old Jail, and many historic houses and properties that reflect our part in the Civil War.

Having a diverse culture and collection of people from all generations, Henry County has the genuine ability to make anyone feel welcome at any time. The different gatherings and attractions make it easy to get involved in the community and allow so many different ways to help those in need. There are always food drives going on, turkey donations, Christmas shoe boxes, feeding the homeless, celebrating Veterans, etc. that drive the community together and create something for everyone to do and enjoy.

Why am I telling you this? Because I want you to experience all that Henry County has to offer! Come join us in Making Henry our Home! If you already live here, appreciate it more and get more involved, if you do not live here, research our beloved county, and come visit or even better move here!

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