School is almost out – time to move?

My Pinterest ScrrenshotWow! Time flies when you are having fun, doesn’t it? Can you believe school is almost out? And it seems you just started talking about moving when school let out. No, wait. That was last December. Where did this year go already! Now you have less than three months to find a new home near the new school you want your kids to go to, put your home up for sale or notify your landlord you don’t intend to renew the lease for another year, get a loan approved, buy a home and get moved. Overwhelming? It certainly can be.

I am a list person. I make lists so I remember things and they help me get organized. Well, I suggest you sit down right now and make a list of things you need to do right away!

First, find an Realtor who works in the area you want to move. Need help? Give me a call and I can help you find one. Unless you are moving to MY area of course, in which giving me a call will find you talking to your Realtor. Next, start the loan process. Your Realtor can help with this. We all work with various lenders depending on what type of loan you want or need. We try to match you up with loan officers we know and have established a good track record of taking care of our clients. You may not know this, but Realtors, when they are representing you as their clients, really try to get you the most house for the least amount of money in the shortest period of time. At least I do…

Next on your list? Start cleaning house. You can find all kinds of helpful articles on the Internet. To make it easier for you, just follow me on Pinterest. I have tagged a lot of good articles covering everything from tips to moving, to moving with pets and kids (does an “and” really go in that sentence? My pet is my kid!) But I digress.  What you don’t want to do is pack and move stuff you don’t want to keep. I used to do that. Back when the Army was paying for my moves. I was always under my weight limit, so I had the luxury of being lazy – foolishly. I always wished I had held a yard sale or given half the stuff away when I found myself unpacking things at the other end. “Why did I keep this?” I would ask myself as I was putting that large ricemaker away. A year or so later when I was unpacking after the next move – there it was again. I don’t favor steamed rice and had never used it in 2-3 years! Guess what? When I had to move it at my own expense, it finally found a new home. So what am I trying to tell you? Don’t be as foolish as I was – get organized and get rid of stuff you don’t need in your new home.

This blog is short. Just really wanted to touch based and give you the link to my Pinterest boards where I have already done some research for you and found great tips for getting ready for the move and moving. Why not take a look at them?

And since you are going to need a Realtor, give me a call at 404-903-7653. If you are coming to my area in Henry or Clayton County, GA I’ll help you myself. If not, call me anyway and I will find you a good agent wherever you are moving……

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