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Thinking About Buying A Home?

WoW! Where should you begin? You’ve heard that interest rates are extremely low and now is a great time to buy. There are a lot of things that go into buying a home, but would you expect less when you are about to make a multi-thousand dollar purchase?

Some people think you just need to go find a home on Zillow, call about it and then buy it. Really? If only it was that simple. I am a REALTOR® and I actually do get calls sometimes on home I have listed for sale, from people who have decided to buy and saw my sign, so they thought they would just call and if they like it, make an offer to buy it. You laugh? it has happened and more often then I would have thought possible. BUT, having said that, much of my focus and interest is in helping first time homebuyers navigate the whole complicated home buying process. There actually is quite a bit that goes into it.

First – find an agent. Not just any agent and certainly not the one off the sign sitting in front of the home you drove by and got excited about. Did I mention I am available? And even if you don’t live in what I claim as my territory, I can still help you find a reputable REALTOR® anywhere else in Georgia or the USA for that matter. I normally work in Henry County and Clayton County, since I live in Henry, but I also work Butts, Spalding, Fayette, Coweta, Rockdale, Newton, and Dekalb Counties regularly. All are within about a 30-50 minute drive from my house. I am not opposed to working in other counties in and around Atlanta, but I will. I have a network of other agents I would trust with your business though, on a referral basis if I thought they could be more responsive to you because of the distance from my home where you are looking.

Well, I have been working with a publisher to provide buyers with some insights into the home buying process and just published a new digital book last week. I want to make it available to anyone thinking about buying anytime soon. It is geared towards first time home buyers, but I know veteran home buyers will find some of it of interest. After all, unless you are an active investor, it has probably been years since you last bought a home. Add to that the fact that the laws and regulations governing home purchases changes annually, and if you don’t have an agent who is willing to take the time to keep their real estate training up-to-date, you could find yourself making a costly mistake.

If you want a copy of my digital book, How to Navigate the Home Buying Process just click on the title. It is free after all.

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