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Declutter for Christmas!


Christmas!?! Yes that is right! We are a little less than two months away! Now is the time to begin “decluttering” for it because we all know how fast the holiday season flies by. By the time everyone gets out of school, flies in or out of town to see family, all the things we “think” we are going to get to in the house drift to the back of our minds. So the end of October is the perfect time to prioritize what needs to be done before the crazy season hits! We all know that for some of us it is easy to plan and for others it is easy to do. All I can do here is help you plan and prioritize what may need to be done in your home for the Holidays. So here are a few steps to declutter and be ready to celebrate a beautiful holiday season with your family!

  1. Switch out decor from Fall to Winter!
  2. Get rid of any unwanted items to make room for the new if you celebrate gift swapping or giving. This might be things of your own, getting rid of unused toys, downgrading on all of the decor, etc.
  3. Create hiding holes! If you have kids or celebrate holidays at your house create hiding places for gift receivers so they cannot find what you are giving them.
  4. Clean out a closet for coats or set out a coat holder, this winter in Henry County is going to be a cold one!
  5. Make things childproof if you have company. Do not put ornaments on the bottom of your Christmas tree. Make sure any decor is not glass, candles are out of reach, and nothing breakable is in reaching distance from little arms.
  6. Deep clean! You know what this consists of.

Writing things down in a checklist form makes us more prone to doing it. Create your own personalized list and put it somewhere you see it each day to motivate yourself.

If you are in the middle of making The Move during these next two or three months do not worry! We are going to feature a Moving for the Holidays segment that will give you tips on how to “survive” during a stressful time such as The Move yet still enjoy your house as you are packing up to settle in somewhere new.

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