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Why Remodel when I am about to Make The Move?


Remodeling is a tedious and possibly expensive task depending on what is being changed in your house. I, personally have seen many remodels in my own home including: raising the kitchen ceiling, removing walls, adding on a closed in back porch, putting down hard wood floors, recarpeting, repainting, building fireplace hearth, etc. All of this to make our home more enjoyable and this also increases the value of the home. Two of the same reasons why remodeling is good for you too, remodeling will help potential buyers enjoy the house more and it will increase the value of your home. There are so many different ways to remodel, big and small, to make the house you are selling more appealing to the buyers. Sometimes, a simple paint job will do along with a deep cleaning of floors, other times, the kitchen needs to be renewed with cabinets and counter tops. It is all up to the seller, how much they are willing to invest into the house and what is suggested by the buyer. There can also be a negotiation between you, the seller, and the buyer, with finances, in knocking off an $X amount of the house’s price or fees to allow room for remodeling. Whatever the decision created, remodeling or freshening up the house in order to sell it is typically a priority for the buyer if it is needed in their future home. It is in the Seller’s best interest to check on prices of contractors in the area that have the ability and the skills to accomplish the remodeling, usually your realtor will have contacts and referrals to give you.

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